Matching Allied Healthcare Professionals with your vacancies. That’s what Mediconnect is all about.

Our candidates are sourced from a diversified pool of qualified healthcare professionals to make sure your position is filled with the perfect candidate. Our bespoke one-to-one service will guarantee the right match for you and your future employees every time.

It’s our signature service, and it comes with customer service that cannot be beaten.
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Why Choose Mediconnect?

Years of valuable experience in U.K. medical recruitment. Mediconnect has been a leading force in medical recruitment for years. And thanks to that, our expertise and familiarity has grown to encompass a full spectrum of recruitment services, where clients and candidates each benefit from the experience of our team. After all, your practice or hospital is only as good as its healthcare professionals, and each of them is free to reach their full potential when they find the right fit.

Mediconnect specialises in catering to your medical recruitment needs in a fast, efficient manner that delivers quality results and outstanding customer support without compromising the quality of your candidates.

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What do we specialise in?

Occupational therapy jobs: Specialists in every field of occupational therapy, from geriatric to oncology, palliative care, stroke and wheelchair services.

Physiotherapy jobs:Qualified candidates specialising in fields like orthopaedics, hand therapy, brain injury and mental health.

Dietitian jobs: HPC registered dietitian candidates that range across the spectrum of dietary expertise.

Pharmacy jobs: Expert pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for NHS and private sector positions, sourced by our experienced team to meet your precise recruitment needs.

Radiography Jobs: Hand-picked candidates who specialise in radiography, delivered rapidly.

Speech & Language Therapy jobs: Speech and language specialists sourced to meet your exact specifications.

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